Why year round school is a bad idea

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Part of it has to do with the fact that shorter breaks help the children retain the information better, and part of it is that it helps keep the impoverished children out of trouble. The Heartland is being rewarded and protected by the government. The writer, Kevin D.

Most students would rather get two Christmas and summer than five short breaks. Posted by Financial Samurai Comments Help.

So many people conveniently forget that in order to get a high paying job, it often takes a lot of expensive education.

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Much of it would go into the bank. They might be willing to roll with Clark, Jordan, Mingo and Smith this year. Mike September 19, 2: Here are three simple reforms for student loans that will restore common sense to this area: To accommodate the flux in student enrollment throughout the year, some schools have created more flexible space within their facility.

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3 Reasons Not to Adopt Year-Round Schooling

Instead of waiting for the next school year to start, more advanced children would be able to just go to the next level. This is the one group who we know typically have high incomes, and who have enjoyed income growth over the past four decades.

A popular critique of summer vacation is that students forget most of what they learn from the previous school year during break. They are based on ungrounded assumptions and are simply not strong enough to stand against the reasons we should adopt a year-round schooling model here in the United States.

If you are a member of a faction of some sort—and many, maybe most, of us are. Perhaps a week or two week break here and there would benefit children much more than a three month break during which they lose most of the information they learned at school the previous year.

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Do this once, and what will happen in the next recession. Many schools did this type of school calendar, but the experiment only lasted 5 to 10 years. So true!

I was disappointed when my daughter decided to go for Tae Kwon Do instead of hockey this year (honestly, I mainly missed getting to skate every Saturday, since we’d go together).

A year round school schedule would have advantages for students struggling to keep up with their classmates academically. It allows extra time to catch up and really understand. Topic: “Year-round schooling is a bad idea.” The possibility of year-round schools has been a hot debate topic for quite some time.

The question is, is the idea of year-round schools acceptable considering all the potential drawbacks? Between my wife and I, we have $k in loans. Yes, we earn a higher income than my friends with just a HS diploma, but after paying $ a month in loan repayment, we're about the same.

Should there be school year round?

The most common arguments against year-round schooling seem like a stretch, at best. They are based on assumptions that are not entirely grounded and reek more of the fear of change than of actual. Year Round School is a Bad Idea! By: Sarah O'Donnell 5th hour Kids need a break from school to do other things, but year round school would make this hard.

kids need a break from school to do other things, but year round school will make this hard. Kids will become burned out and overwhelmed.

Why year round school is a bad idea
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